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Creation of a high yielding and competitive property is always based on professional planning. Consulting services are commonly known as profitable investments as they not only deliver increasing capitalization of the object but also allow companies to reduce operational costs.

NAI Becar delivers a wide range of consulting services:


Our advantages

NAI Becar is not only a consultant it is also a partner!

Unlike most consulting companies, NAI Becar is experienced in implementation of its own investment projects, as well as managing other investors’ projects. We understand our clients’ risks and work on their property as if it were our own investments.

A full range of services

We aimed to make our ideas come true. NAI Becar offers a full range of services from concept development to property and facility management and built property promotion.

Our experience

NAI Becar has been gaining experience in the Russian market for 22 years already. The company has worked with real estate objects of any difficulty and functionality in all segments of the market. Over the past 22 years NAI Becar has completed more than 1 300 consulting projects.

International Quality Service

NAI Becar uses the latest technologies of market analysis, including geoinformation system. We cooperate with our NAI Global partners, the best real estate consultants from different countries.

Significant projects


Contact details

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Managing director for Asset Management
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Anna Danchenok
Head of Consulting Department
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